She’s 57, and a mother of three. She has hip and back pain, and a bad rotator cuff. She figured she was too out of shape to get in shape.

He’s 76. He’s got Parkinson’s disease, but he’s a fighter. He wants to get his motion back—beginning with a normal walk.

He’s 38. He’s been a tennis instructor for 15 years. Then, a knee injury landed him in so much pain he could barely walk. He was headed for surgery.

What do these three have in common?

They’re all searching for a personal breakthrough in mobility, fitness, and bodily ease. Their issues are too specific or compounded for rote, cookie-cutter moves. They need to rebuild their movement—from the ground up.

They found the answer with Dynamic Body Pilates.

Dynamic Body Pilates is custom Pilates for your body. Influenced by the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais™, and dozens of other movement modalities, we create a program specifically for you. We’ll teach you where movements should originate from, and introduce you to muscles you didn’t know existed, making you more fit and in control.

As your awareness increases, so do your ease and grace. Pain recedes. And you feel like the person you forgot you could be.

The mother of three banished her pain while getting in the best shape of her life. She recently completed a 17-mile swim in choppy 58-degree water.

The Parkinson’s patient walks with control over his movement—picking up his feet as he goes.

After two months (8 sessions) with Dynamic Body Pilates, the tennis instructor canceled his surgery. After 4 months (16 sessions) he was back on the court, in full swing.

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