Dynamic Body Pilates offers exclusively one-on-one customized sessions to help individuals rediscover mobility, fitness, and ease.

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For those with body challenges, the practitioners at DBP are the best – expert, creative, focused, and motivational.
– KL, Client

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Bridging the gap between medical rehab and general fitness Dynamic Body Pilates specializes in working people with varying degrees of pain or injury issues ranging from athletes who want to stay in the game, to seniors wanting to keep or regain functional mobility, to people of all ages who are suffering the effects of iposture (too much time in front of their screens).

“We can move in so many ways, and none of them have to involve pain, injury, or trauma.”

-Rebecca Lubart, Founder

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The work I did with Rebecca and her staff helped a ton, both with the pain and with my awareness on how I hold and use my body.
– PW, Client

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In-home sessions available on request

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