• “The one thing all of our clients have in common is their desire to optimize their movement — for life.”
    – Rebecca Lubart, Owner

Our clients are all searching for a personal breakthrough in mobility, fitness, and bodily ease. Your issues are too specific or compounded for rote, cookie-cutter moves. You need to rebuild your movement—from the ground up.

Dynamic Body Pilates is custom Pilates for your body. Influenced by the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais™, and dozens of other movement modalities, we create a program specifically for you. We’ll teach you where movements should originate from, and introduce you to muscles you didn’t know existed, making you more fit and in control.

As your awareness increases, so do your ease and grace. Pain recedes. And you feel like the person you forgot you could be.

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Our Founder
Dynamic Body Pilates Rebecca Lubart

Founder Rebecca Lubart has been engaged in the art of movement for her entire life. Growing up in New York City, the founder of Dynamic Body Pilates was a competitive figure skater, competing against such greats as Olympian Tara Lapinsky. A student at the prestigious Spence School, she found herself drawn to modern dance, and switched disciplines. She received a four-year Presidential Arts Scholarship (Dance) at The George Washington University, and graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Theatre and Dance.

At GW, a fall — made worse by poor movement patterns — led Ms. Lubart to herniate four discs, leaving her in excruciating pain — at 21. Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Physical Therapists alleviated the pain — but it always returned, more intensely than before.

Seeking answers, Ms. Lubart met a Pilates instructor. She taught her the difference between proper and poor (unsupported) movement. This opened her eyes. Ms. Lubart enrolled in the Kane School of Core Integration, a teacher training and Pilates Certification Program specializing in biomechanically-based Pilates.

Ms. Lubart turned from intense bodily movement… to intense bodily study. She studied bones, muscles, fascia, and most importantly, how all the different parts of the body should interact to connect as a healthy whole. Through wonderful teachers, training programs, and multiple certifications, Ms. Lubart was able to rehabilitate her own spine. She is able to dance again, and lives a pain-free life. Ms. Lubart is a certified Pilates Instructor in Mat and Equipment. She revels in introducing others to movement at its absolute finest.