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  • "The one thing all of our clients have in common is their desire to optimize their movement — for life."
    – Rebecca Lubart, Owner

Our clients are all searching for a personal breakthrough in mobility, fitness, and bodily ease. Your issues are too specific or compounded for rote, cookie-cutter moves. You need to rebuild your movement—from the ground up.

Dynamic Body Pilates is custom Pilates for your body. Influenced by the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais™, and dozens of other movement modalities, we create a program specifically for you. We’ll teach you where movements should originate from, and introduce you to muscles you didn’t know existed, making you more fit and in control.

As your awareness increases, so do your ease and grace. Pain recedes. And you feel like the person you forgot you could be.

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Our Founder
Dynamic Body Pilates Rebecca Lubart

Founder Rebecca Lubart (she/her) has spent her entire life studying the art of movement.

As a child, Rebecca was encouraged to maintain an active lifestyle by her mother, a woman whose severe eating disorder led to gastric bypass surgery when she reached 370 pounds. Determined that her daughter would not experience the same tragedy, she made sure Rebecca moved her body, signing her up for figure skating lessons and, eventually, figure skating competitions where she excelled. Rebecca’s love of movement evolved over time, and she found herself drawn to modern dance.

As a Presidential Arts Scholar in Dance at George Washington University, Rebecca was in numerous performances. But during her senior year, a fall — made worse by poor movement patterns — led to four herniated discs and shooting nerve pain through her fingertips. Rebecca went through stages of grief and denial, thinking she would never again be able to dance. She pushed herself until she could no longer bear it, and then panic set in that she wouldn’t be able to maintain an active lifestyle of any sort. When she felt like she had tried everything, she met a Pilates instructor who taught her proper body mechanics to move without discomfort.

Eager to learn more and extinguish her pain once and for all, Rebecca enrolled in the Kane School of Core Integration, a teacher-training and Pilates Certification program that specializes in an approach to Pilates that prioritizes biomechanics. She became a certified Pilates Instructor in Mat (2007) and Equipment (2008) and returned to professional level dancing.

Pain-free and active once more, Rebecca is devoted to passing her knowledge of movement on to her clients. When she’s not at the DBP studio in Union Square, she’s most often seen rollerblading in the streets of New York.