One-on-one custom sessions

to Rediscover mobility, fitness, & ease

Our Work is 100% Customized

1. We study your body: watching you stand, walk, and move.

2. We identify your issues, and design a system of exercises that works to:
  Improve coordination, posture, and muscle tone
  Release tight muscles and joints, and
  Build stability and strength.

3. You practice, while we guide your alignment, and help the pieces remain connected to the whole.

Because our work is 100% customized to your body, we start with a Dynamic Body Assessment Session (up to 90 minutes). This in-home or in-studio comprehensive assessment session includes:
– Evaluation of your posture and movement
– An introduction to the work and our style of teaching
– Writing up a strategy of what we’ll work on over the course of your sessions to get you to your goals.

After The Dynamic Body Assessment Session clients typically engage in sessions anywhere from one to three times per week – all 55 minutes in length.

Rediscover Pain-Free LIVING

Dynamic Body Pilates also goes beyond trauma, injury, and pain to fine-tune our clients’ bodies so that they can prevent future issues. For all of our clients, Dynamic Body Pilates works to discover your body’s innate capabilities — enhancing and unleashing its full range of potential.

If your body is experiencing pain, injury, or trauma, we’ll work to liberate your movement and accelerate your recovery.

If your body is fit and strong, our work helps you transcend to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dynamic Body Pilates is Equipped to address:

 Multiple Sites of Pain
 Postural Issues
 Carpal Tunnel
 Shoulder Issues
 Preparation for  Pregnancy/Delivery
 Post Natal recovery and fitness
 Rotator Cuff Issues
 Foot and Ankle issues
 Plantar Fasciatis
 Knee Issues
 Yoga Injuries
 Sports Injuries

 Back Issues
 Herniated Discs
 Buldging Discs
 Degenerating Discs
 Hip Issues
 Leg Issues
 Meniscal Tears
 Knee and Hip Replacements
 Core Strength
 Flexibility Issues
 IT Band Syndrome

 Multiple Sclerosis
 Parkinson’s Disease
 Weight Loss through Diet or Surgery
 Surgery Avoidance
 Post Physical Therapy
 Performance Improvement
 Mobility Maximization
 Injury Prevention & Protection

Why Pilates?

If your goals are to improve posture, reduce, manage or prevent pain, build strength safely, improve your balance, or age better then Dynamic Body Pilates is for you.

Our specialties include:
– pain issues (back, hip, neck, shoulder, feet)
– posture issues
– neuromuscular issues (Parkinson’s Disease, MS, partial paralysis)
– athletic & active adults
– seniors and elderly

Regardless of your current fitness and exertion level, Dynamic Body Pilates maximizes your flexibility, strength, coordination, and agility—while supporting these wonderful changes (and protecting you) with expert guidance in posture and alignment. We examine the movements you perform every day—climbing stairs, lifting your child, golfing, dancing, simply sitting at your desk—and teach you to engage in them with balance and ease. As a result of our work, you’ll be leaner, stronger, and more physically capable. Your body will transcend.

YOU start with a Dynamic Body Assessment Session with Rebecca > X number of sessions with our expert staff > Progress Assessment with Rebecca

What makes us different is our creation of a personalized, intelligent program just for you. Each of your sessions is fully optimized with our undivided attention and expert guidance. Rather than restricting you to a set series of generic exercises, we custom design your program to accommodate what you need and want your body to do. We take Pilates principles—and apply them uniquely to you, your lifestyle, and your life.

Time & Equipment

Absolutely. We’ll work out a practice plan according to your needs, capabilities, and schedule. Typically, you’ll be performing one each of a daily awareness exercise (see the next question), and a brief (5-minute) daily strength exercise that draw from the work of our sessions.

Awareness exercises take no time. They simply bring consciousness to the ways you move. For example, for someone with hip pain, an awareness exercise might include directing your attention toward: a) whether you propel your legs forward equally as you walk, and b) whether your feet face the same direction as you walk. The “work” is easy: it takes seconds, and is extremely rewarding.

Our Union Square studio at 853 Broadway is fully equipped with a Pilates Reformer and Cadillac among other machines. But you don’t need this specialized equipment to perform Dynamic Body Pilates. About 20% of our clients see us for sessions in their homes exclusively. Our sessions can be conducted with props, such as a foam roller, small weights, and bands…or without anything at all. A few of our clients own a Pilates Reformer but that mostly comes down to the availability of space in one’s home.

Please click “More Info” below to answer some simple questions so we can speak directly to what we can do to help you achieve your specific and unique goals.

To enhance results, all clients are offered custom practice exercises to perform on their own. How extensive these exercises are is entirely dependent on the client’s commitment to doing them. Our goal is making practice manageable. We’re not taking exercises out of a book either. We’ll give you exercises directly from your session with cuing specific to you for your own take-home.

What about my pain?

Massage, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic can ease the symptoms of your pain but do not comprehensively address movement. Without some type of movement training after your treatment(s), you’ll probably engage in the same movement patterns that created your pain in the first place. Dynamic Body Pilates is both proactive and preventive: through movement, it aligns your bones and muscles—to change your body for life.

Dynamic Body Pilates Founder Rebecca Lubart and her staff of Pilates practitioners have an unusually comprehensive understanding of not only physiological cause and effect, but also a vast repertoire of ways to apply their skills to your body. What emerges—and what you’ll experience—is customization beyond the vast majority of private Pilates sessions: one that is uniquely suited to your physique, concerns, and aims.

No. Dynamic Body Pilates is not Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy typically involves manual manipulation of your body and focuses on one local area of the body. In Pilates we take into account the whole body (the whole picture) to reduce or eliminate compensation patterns by guiding you very specifically through more supportive ways of moving. If you’ve had surgery, you would typically seek Physical Therapy first, then see us in order to learn how to move well and stay well. If you are considering surgery, the techniques used by Dynamic Body Pilates can help build muscular balance and integration—and in some cases help you steer clear of surgery and Physical Therapy altogether.

One of our clients is a lifetime competitive tennis player and coach. At 38, his knees were badly injured and in pain. He was considering surgery. But after a few months of our instruction, his knees stopped bothering him entirely!

A large percentage of our clients have some type of discomfort, pain issue or injury and most have tried medical or therapeutic treatments before starting our program. The reason that we are able to help people with pain issues is because we don’t simply instruct you through a series of exercises. Instead, we teach you to understand the information of how your body moves and needs to move to feel better – from the inside out. We want you to own the information to heal yourself.

What you need is a safe and strategic plan for exercise, created by someone who understands your body’s particular requirements. In short: you need an intelligent person to teach you intelligent exercise. Unlike the vast majority of personal trainers and Pilates instructors, the Dynamic Body Pilates team has studied a broad range of movement modalities and anatomy. In many ways, you are our ideal client: we have helped many clients with multiple body issues to become strong from the inside out.


As our services are not considered medical, we are not covered as a therapy under any insurance plan. Some insurance companies however, will provide reimbursement for fitness services. Please ask your provider about their policy.

HSA and FSA: If you work at a corporation that provides Health Spending Accounts and/or Flex Spending Accounts, please check with your HR department as these accounts may often cover a portion of your sessions.

“Nothing else I’ve tried over the past 2 decades has been as effective for eliminating multiple pain issues! (Including chiropractic, acupuncture, accupressure/ tui-nua massage, sports massage, trigger-point massage, physical therapy, injections from sports medicine doctors, physical therapy, medications, I could go on….) Rebecca and her staff are extremely knowledgeable, detail-oriented and patient. Once per week sessions and minimal and non- overwhelming work on my own at home, as well as greater awareness of my body’s habits and patterns throughout the day has made a world of difference and many of my pain issues are resolved completely, with many others being significantly improved. Now I can’t believe I lived for so long without an awareness of how to properly move and use my body and the issues that can cause.”
-CL, Client review on Yelp

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