DBP Presents: Meet the Artist

Rebecca LubartBlog

As the seasons change and the lively pinks, purples, and greens grow lush around us so too do we welcome a shift to our artist gallery at Dynamic Body Pilates! If you’re coming in for sessions regularly you’ve already gotten to see the beautiful work of Annie Shaver-Crandell. Now you have the opportunity to meet her! Details below and yes friends are welcome!

Meet the Artist: Annie Shaver-Crandell
Saturday May 4
at Dynamic Body Pilates

Light refreshments will be served. Friends are welcome!

Annie Shaver-Crandell is a visual artist, teacher and social tango dancer who lives, works and dances in Manhattan.  The paintings in the studio are all inspired by aspects of movement, energy and change. Most were created while listening in her Bond Street studio to tangos, valses and milongas — the three main rhythmic categories of traditional Argentine tango repertoire.  Most of the titles of these paintings refer to their musical sources.  The other three watercolors, on the long wall of the studio, were done on the artist’s roof, in the wake of the World Trade Center fires, as she watched several evenings of amazing sunsets tinged by smoke.   Everything passes. Though some experience is challenging, much of it is quite wonderful.  www.annieshavercrandell.com