Spring into Action

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Do you feel it? That shift in the season where suddenly it’s getting warmer, lighter later, and you want to get moving? Everybody is thinking about getting outside again in one way or another. Whether you enjoy taking long walks, going for bike rides or you’re up for anything that involves being in the sun most of us have been spending most of our time inside sitting around trying to stay warm (and getting a little stiffer in the process). Our bodies are used to being at rest. At the very least they are under-used. As a result, sometimes we get so excited about going back to moving and being outdoors more that we forget to transition our bodies gradually and not abruptly…and that can lead to some unintended discomfort, pain or even injury.

Here’s our Top 3 Exercises for Getting your body ready to “Spring” into Action
For this month’s series you’ll want to grab a theraband (green or blue preferred)

1. Get those footsies moving: Point/flex

Set up: Wrap the band around the ball and toes of your foot. Hold the ends of the strap in your hands.
Action: Against the resistance slowly point your foot. Resist the band as you slowly flex.
Pro tip: When you point, reach the ball of your foot first and follow stretching through all five toes. When you flex first let the toes come back, then slide the heel away to lengthen through the achilles.


2. Open up your back: Seated Posture Push-Ups

Set up: Take your theraband and wrap it around your upper back so the ends come through to the front underneath your arm pits and you can hold one end in each hand.
Action: Exhale and reach both arms forward, inhale and return to bent arms
Pro tip: Maintain neutral posture throughout the exercise. Allow your shoulder blades to move away from and towards your spine but not up towards your ears.


3. Hip Power: Clamshell

Set up: Tie your theraband around your thighs and lie on your side. Stack your hips, bend your knees, spine in neutral
Action: Open and close your top leg without rolling your hips from their starting position. Flip over and do the other side!


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