Strength, Stretch & Self-Massage

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We want to help you show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day so we recorded a few tutorial videos for you to find mobility, fitness, and ease throughout your day.

1. DBP Tutorial: Strength

Accessible Side Planks: These are essential core strength exercises but are often presented in ways that can strain our bodies. In this video, DBP Founder Rebecca Lubart guides you through 2 plank variations, one standing and one for floor. Try one or both and let us know what you think!

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2. DBP Tutorial: Stretch

When you have neck or back tension from staring at a screen all day and you’ve lost the luxury of work from home when you could potentially lie down for a minute, having a couple of vertical go-tos for doing while you work or on the wall by the elevator is great. Follow Dynamic Body Pilates founder Rebecca Lubart through these 2 chest opener variations (seated and standing).

The key piece in all stretches in the upper body (and especially if you have neck or back tension) is to let your breath do most of the work. You don’t need to stretch far to stretch deep. Try these out and let us know what you think!

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3. DBP Tutorial: Self-Massage

Your back hurts, your knees hurt, and you feel stressed out. It’s hard to relax in the winter because our bodies are physically in a state of protection trying to stay warm! In these 3 short foot rolling moves Dynamic Body Pilates Founder Rebecca Lubart shows you how you can ease some of those aches and pains and tension from the ground up. 

Think about a house, if the foundation wasn’t stable, everything you build on top of it will be affected, right? Same thing is true for the tension we hold in our feet.

You’re not walking around trusting the slush on our streets – smart! You’re walking around with a small to big clench in your body so you don’t slip and fall… practical but with consequences. 

So let’s grab your pinky ball (we prefer this density to tennis or lacrosse balls), self-massage our feet, feel like we can stand on the ground again, and let everything else “upstairs” stop overworking and gripping. 

Try these 3 variations out and let us know what you think! (Don’t forget to do both feet!) . . . 

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Not all exercises are right for every body. Please ask your Pilates practitioner if these exercises are right for your goals or contact us here!