The Big Reveal

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We are so amazed by all of our clients: the commitment to their bodies, their self practice, and the ongoing interest and pursuit of wanting to learn and do more. 

Like our clients’ Pilates practice, DBP was built one piece at a time. Since 2010, we’ve operated in shared spaces until in 2018 we moved into our current home at 14th Street and 5th Ave. 

We are excited to announce that five years later, DBP has expanded by literally knocking down half a wall and combining with the 1004 space directly next door. This expansion allowed the opportunity for us to add equipment, studio time options, and the ability to provide an even better environment in which our clients can continue to develop their skills and deepen their practice.

The expansion is complete and it has been so lovely to welcome you all into the space. We were filled with pride as each client’s jaw dropped, they said “Wow!” multiple times, and remarked on how great a job the team did with the renovation. Nearly every Pilates Practitioner upon entering began to dance across the space, delighted to be able to kick out a leg and twirl.

We can’t wait to share more lessons on posture, strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination in 2024. We are grateful to every single body that we have had the pleasure to work with over the years. We wouldn’t be here without all our wonderful clients.

Click the video below to see the Big Reveal!

Imagine the life you desire. How does your body need to move, feel, and function to fulfill this vision? It’s time to give yourself some extra love this February with self care, strength building, and other wonderful discoveries about your body and its movement capabilities.

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