Dynamic Body…Acupuncture and Massage?

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Can your cardiologist do the work of a podiatrist? No way. And we know that, but we still might ask if they can recommend a doctor for a non-heart related issue. Similarly, Pilates doesn’t solve everything. Gasp! Blasphemy! Take it back! That’s why we’ve always tried to have resources for you to reach out to that can support you with complementary modalities. With the expansion of the physical studio space, we’re making it even easier to receive the help you need with the creation of Dynamic Body Wellness.

Behind the translucent door in the Dynamic Body Pilates studio expansion is Dynamic Body Wellness, a private wellness studio with treatment rooms we have started renting to licensed wellness professionals.

We’re excited to introduce you to highly recommended wellness practitioners, starting with Dynamic Body Wellness’s new resident acupuncturist Andrea Baruch-Hebb and guest massage therapist Marcela Muleris. Read more about them below.

Acupuncture with Andrea

 Andrea Barouch-Hebb has been in private practice as an acupuncturist since 2005. She is licensed to practice in New York State and board certified through NCCAOM. Andrea first received acupuncture as a teenager which inspired a life-long study of complementary medicine. After receiving her Master’s degree in Acupuncture, she has continued studying and researching complementary modalities of health and healing that include both eastern and western medicine. Her areas of interest and education range from biology to nursing to styles of acupuncture that are both orthopedically and palpation based as well as current research and development of neuro anatomical approaches to acupuncture. Over the last five years Andrea has built upon her knowledge and added a variety of manual therapy styles into her treatment protocols. The most recent has been studying strain counterstrain, and fascial counterstrain.

Andrea has been fortunate enough to continue to develop a profound understanding of the human body and experience that has led her to seek out some of the top manual therapy and acupuncture teachers in the US and Canada. Andrea’s commitment is to combine manual therapy and acupuncture in order to help people deal with a vast majority of health issues. She strongly believes that addressing stress, inflammation, pain, nutritional deficiencies, and sedentary lifestyle are the culprit for many problems that we as a culture are experiencing.

Contact her to set up booking:  845-309-3633

Massage with Marcela

Marcela graduated from The Swedish Institute in 2006. She has been working as a licensed massage therapist since 2006.  Her specialties include: deep tissue, trigger point, medical, sports, and myofascial work. She also releases TMJ/Jaw tension. As a certified prenatal massage therapist, you can rest assured that the mom-to-be and baby are in great hands! Marcela is committed to her continuing education.  With her 18 years of experience working alongside physicians, chiropractors, physical therapist, and person trainers, she can treat a wide variety of acute and/or chronic conditions. Her focus is to help clients’ mobility and range of motion. By incorporating stretching and range of motion, Marcela is able to evaluate tissue and create a client centered massage. Each massage session is based on the individual client and their person needs.

Contact her to set up booking: 917-494-8850

Treatment Rooms for Rent

Do you have a great body work practitioner you go to for services? We have more treatment room space to offer and would love to support another small business that our clients could benefit from. We’d love to meet more acupuncturists, massage therapists, osteopaths, and other healers. Please send an introduction and we’d be happy to answer any of their questions.