Are You Flexible?

Rebecca LubartBlog

The change in weather over the last week has us excited about unbundling ourselves from our sweaters and winter coats. We can finally relax our cold shoulders away from our ears, spend more time outdoors, and be ready to “spring” into action with any activity that comes our way. To prepare you for this, we have included a video with one of the most effective stretches you can do. 

When your flexibility is limited, it can lead to whole-body discomfort and make daily tasks difficult. Whether your goal is to be able to put on your shoes without straining your back, not feel so stiff while you’re in your office chair, or be flexible enough to move your body around in any which way and not get hurt, doing active stretches is essential. 

Passive stretching is what we traditionally think of when we picture a stretch. Imagine an old gym class manual of someone bending over and touching their toes and holding that position. Conversely, active stretching is where we engage the muscles (long and short) while we keep it moving. It teaches your muscles to be strong in lengthened positions and creates muscle memory so you can access these positions with more ease more regularly.

Flexibility is about being able to move more, so click the video below and follow along!

Not all exercises are right for every body. Please ask your Pilates practitioner if these exercises are right for your goals or contact us here!

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