Are You Strong Enough?

Rebecca LubartBlog

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_4214-1024x971.jpg

Would you describe yourself as someone with general mobility and functionrelated goals, someone who is primarily sedentary, or an aging athlete? As the weather warms up and we want to do more, building strength and endurance becomes increasingly important no matter how you identify. However, as you know from your work at DBP, building a routine that targets your specific concerns and goals is going to help you be the most effective in your transformation.

You could be teaching your glutes to fire as you go up and down stairs, using your core and arms instead of your neck when you carry your groceries, or using your muscles for shock absorption as you run rather than your knees and low back. Every time you come into the studio (or meet with your teacher virtually) you are creating new muscle memory as you learn and repeat patterns. All of these lessons add up to you moving in more efficient ways throughout your daily activities.

This is why we ask, “what are your goals?” How do you pursue these goals on a daily basis?

As strength is on almost everybody’s list, our team has assembled an overview of three strength exercises that you could incorporate every day to help you towards that goal.

You can incorporate these right away or ask your practitioner the next time you have a session for further explanation or to customize it to target your specific needs and objectives.