How To Foam Roll Your Way Back to Health

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Foam Roll Exercise

Well+Good recently stopped by for a Dynamic Body Assessment Session to ask me about posture and restorative exercise. I’m telling you busy stressed out overworked New Yorker, I have the one exercise…

DBP Presents: Meet the Artist

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As the seasons change and the lively pinks, purples, and greens grow lush around us so too do we welcome a shift to our artist gallery at Dynamic Body Pilates! If you’re coming in for … Read More

Footwork on the Reformer: Why and How?

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Many of you have asked us about the way exercises are set up in a Pilates reformer class, or maybe you’re struggling with specific exercises during your private sessions. Understanding what you’re doing and why … Read More

Wellness Brunch

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Dynamic Body Pilates Wellness Brunch Soma Speaks Image

Save the Date! December 8th 1-3pm Wellness Brunch with Summer White of SOMA Nutrition, Erika Weber of 16th Street Acupuncture, and Rebecca Lubart of Dynamic Body Pilates. Tickets available!

Spring into Action

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Do you feel it? That shift in the season where suddenly it’s getting warmer, lighter later, and you want to get moving? Everybody is thinking about getting outside again in one way or another. Whether … Read More

Better Rest, One Exercise at a Time

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Oh my gosh is it Spring already? Just about! Since we’re going to be setting those clocks back (and losing an hour of sleep!) let’s talk about New Yorkers’ number one problem…not being well rested. … Read More

Opening Up

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Did you notice feeling more tired, anxious, or irritable as the weather changed into winter this year? It happens to the best of us, especially as the days get darker and that blistering cold wind … Read More

January Rolling In (and out!)

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Every single person that has walked into my office over the last two weeks has been feeling stiff and tight. How is that possible if they are taking care of themselves regularly? Because It is freaking … Read More

Gratitude, the Good and Positive.

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With the Thanksgiving Holiday quickly approaching, we start to think about gratitude: giving thanks and being thankful. Sometimes when we start to reflect on the good, we can get side-tracked to focusing on the bad … Read More