Gratitude, the Good and Positive.

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With the Thanksgiving Holiday quickly approaching, we start to think about gratitude: giving thanks and being thankful. Sometimes when we start to reflect on the good, we can get side-tracked to focusing on the bad … Read More

Running Tips for Novices and Experts

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I went for a jog this past weekend in Prospect Park. It was beautiful day and so many people were out enjoying the sun -the ducks were swimming in the pond, the birds were singing, … Read More

Back To School

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Heading into Fall we all recognize the energy that school is about to start, whether you’re a student or not. This can bring up feelings of anxiety or overwhelm. In fact I recently read an … Read More

When you exercise too much

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Not all bodies are the same and it’s time we stop judging ourselves for being different. We shouldn’t all be exercising the same way…or at least approach the ways we love to move with better … Read More

So you’re getting older?


Welcome to the party. The thing that’s amazing about aging in 2016 is that people are starting to get that though we’re all getting older, we also may have some control over how we age. … Read More

One Time I Overcame Fear


In 2005 I fell backwards on my neck. I continued to dance after that initial injury making the pain worse and worse until I had 4 herniated discs and shooting nerve pain through my finger … Read More

Weight, what?


“You have to understand everyone’s body was built to do something,” Carter said. “I think the world is realizing we were promoting one body type and there have always been many.” – Michelle Carter, Shot-Putt … Read More