So you’re getting older?


Welcome to the party.

The thing that’s amazing about aging in 2016 is that people are starting to get that though we’re all getting older, we also may have some control over how we age.

The thing about today’s elderly is that they didn’t prepare to live so long. They didn’t know what it would look like. Modern medicine has kept people tick tick ticking along but in some cases the physical moving body isn’t keeping up so well.

We hear about hip replacements and knee replacements and heart operations etc. that help keep people alive longer. But two things come to mind when I think about this. One is that I’m glad these things exist but the other is that these people didn’t get the information they needed about their muscles and bones, didn’t implement it soon enough.

The idea that our bodies deteriorate as we age isn’t entirely false but it’s not entirely true either.

For example, we have an 81 year old client with balance issues who fell and bruised her knee replacement.