New Yorkers rate Dynamic Body Pilates #1 Best Pilates


This is a pretty special day for us.  I’ve been working with people and their bodies for almost 10 years and founded Dynamic Body Pilates because I wanted to help bridge the gap between medical rehabilitation and the traditional fitness world and scream from the rooftops “Let me help you get moving and let go of fear!”

I wish we didn’t have to re-learn to use our bodies as adults. I wish there were magic pills. I would take them. But since the reality is that with the device and sitting addicted culture we live in (the same one that says workouts need to be bootcamp-like all the time), we do need to re-learn to use our bodies, and I love that my team and I get to show people how.

Learning better movement mechanics (how to use my body) got me my life back.

The body and anatomy has a logic to it…especially when it comes to muscles and bones. When you learn how to coordinate them correctly (alignment), your posture improves, your pain and tension recedes and you’re able to feel supported in a deep way. You have ease.

Since we’ve got a whole bunch of reviews up on yelp I’ll let our clients do most of the talking about their experience…but I want you to know how excited I am for our #1 ranking…because now we’re going to be found by even more people who we can help.

If you or someone you love has pain or “aging” issues please give me a call at 917.613.1552 and I’d be happy to answer your questions about how we can help you rediscover mobility, fitness, and ease.